What We Do

All Phase Home Inspection is equipped with the necessary tools and staff to properly evaluate and assist with the following: New Homes Inspection | Telephone Wiring Inspections | Network Inspections | Commercial Property Inspections

Our services are tailored to ensure accuracy, effectiveness and customer satisfaction on every job we do. Call us at (512) 804-8646 if you need commercial or residential property and/or network inspection services!

All Phase Home Inspection - Professional Service Guaranteed!



Pre-Purchase Inspection

Don’t make the biggest investment of your life without having a pre-purchase inspection. This can potentially save you thousands of dollars in hidden problems. We want you to make a educated decision when purchasing your home.


Pre-Sale Inspection Move-In Certified

Are you selling your home? Let us help you make the selling process run smoothly and eliminate surprises during that critical time frame during the sale.


Warranty Inspections

If you purchased a new home last year. Your one year warranty is about to expire. Contact us and we will perform an inspection that you can forward to your builder for repairs.


Re Inspections

Would you like an expert eye to verify if the repairs on your home have been completed properly? Contact us and we will be happy to assist you.